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Mah hombrew no work!

2010-03-21 15:02:09 by funkybanana

Hello, I need help with my Wii homebrew system.
First, I downloaded the Ocarina Hax system. It shows me a exeption occured.
Second, I dwnldd a cheat downloader for upper program and it shows me upper error
Third, I downloaded the Brawl + Updatifier. So far No error, but when I load the disc from the Gecko OS,
the Wii rages and shows upper error.
Finally, Idownloaded a downgrader to solve my problem ( My Wii is 4.2U )
and it won't open.

Can you please Help Me?

My friend lended me GTA IV, so my in gane phone was ringing. EEY COUSIN WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAAY BOWLING????, my cousin said. I told him not now. He then called me and said EEY COUSIN WANNA SEE BEEG AMERICAN TEE TEES??? I was like WTF???


Drive to his house with grenade cheat, and trow grenades like HELL at his house!!!!!!!!

SO WHO'S WITH ME??????????????????

Helloo duddes and duddettes! Who(m) do yo think is (are) the coolest pokemon(s)?

Personnaly, I think it is lucario (see image, n00bs!)

Please say what you think!

All duddes on newgrounds whom like pokemon!!

new member

2008-05-13 17:13:36 by funkybanana

Hi i'm new here and i want to who is that tom fulp guy and why is he so important?

PLEEZZ SUMWUN ANSERR MEE. (do you like it when i write in F**K'D-UP? Awnser that too.)

new member